Wednesday, July 20, 2011



It's real. It hurts like hell, it holds you hostage when it flares up, and the only way people can tell if you have it is if you let them know. I have had it since 2002, and it has crippled me to a point of near death. Through trial and error I have managed it slightly better than it has managed me. It still ruins my life now and then, I can’t hold a job, and the days I feel great really play hell with what it is I think I can do.

This is a collection of observations, pitfalls, controversial treatments, positive ideas, and some counterintuitive thoughts that have proved very rewarding in my case. My hope is that you can better handle your illness because of something you read on this site. I’m no doctor and I graduated high school with a 2.0, so nothing here should be taken as medical advice and you should always discuss anything new with your doctor. Best wishes for good days!

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