Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Recently Diagnosed?

Well I have good news and bad news. First, the bad news, there is no known cause or cure. You are most likely stuck with it for life, so the more proactive you are about your condition, the better. The more concessions you make for your FM, the better you may feel in the long run.

Now the good news, life isn’t over! There are a lot of very important things to consider and deal with, but I think one of the most overlooked therapies for FM is just trying to have FUN! The more NATURAL endorphins you can release, the better you should feel. Natural is in caps because drugs like Meth (the street drug) can release endorphins, but it will destroy you very quickly, so it shouldn‘t even be considered, along with other hard drugs. Laughter, positive excitement, a good social life, sex, and exercise are all ways to release natural endorphins. I would encourage trying to safely get as much endorphins naturally released as possible.

Look around, explore this site and others to get to know this unwelcome, permanent houseguest that is FM. You might as well build a spare room rather than have it invade and destroy the rest of your life. Get to know it and deal with it head on and you will be further along than I was. Until I embraced FM as a reality and a force to be reckoned with, I had a far more mentally and physically draining roller coaster ride.

Chances are you have been experiencing pain for years and you dealt with the unpleasant experience of medical professionals disregarding you or being less than understanding of your symptoms. Know this, FM is real and any medical personnel that disagrees should not be treating you. You need to be treated as an FM patient, not a hypochondriac. You have endured too much pain to deal with that BS, so stand up for yourself and fire them by choosing another provider.

By no means do I know it all when it comes to FM, but I do have experience with it, something most medical professionals do not. Read the disclaimer and always consult a physician.

Last but not least, do not disregard exercise. BELIEVE ME, I know how crazy and awful it sounds to exercise when just the idea of moving is painful. When I had a doctor suggest Yoga instead of pain killers, I had half a mind to knock him on his ass. Turns out though, as I discovered much later than I should have, he had a great point. It has helped me a lot. A sure way to feel worse is to stay sedentary. Find a FUN way to exercise, it helps a lot.

I truly wish you comfort and good feelings, as they are much harder to come by for those with FM.

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