Mental Health

I cannot stress this part enough, if you are not tip top mentally, your pain will be worse. Because you have chronic pain, you are not tip top mentally. See the problem?

Depression and anxiety are major symptoms of FM, and it’s really no surprise when you think about it. You have pain you can’t explain, can’t describe, and can’t find relief from. To top that, nobody can tell by looking at you that you’re feeling bad, other than a short attitude.

Over time, the wincing facial expressions that come with the pain go away, but the pain remains. The diagrams for pain levels that doctors normally look at for reference no longer apply. This makes finding new doctors a real source of anxiety. My point is that anxiety and depression are a given with FM, and to go without treatment is not a nice thing to do to yourself or those you love.

Another point that needs to be considered is the toll your problems can take on those around you. If I were to discuss the pain and suffering I endure to those around me, I would surely take a good deal of happiness out of their lives. Taking my problems to a professional saves them the worry, and it preserves relationships.

Yeah, I know, bummer deal, but spilling your guts to someone will lift a weight off of you and hopefully relieve some anxiety, and therefore some pain. It’s all about steps.

And know this, I’m not suggesting that the pain is in your head, or somehow of your own doing. I know all too well that the pain is real. I’m saying the physical pain causes depression and anxiety, and left unchecked it will make the pain worse.

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